Black Friday sale features 200 exclusive releases


Black Friday is coming, Black Friday is coming! TBONES celebrates Black Friday with a massive sale and almost 200 exclusive releases from all genres on this day. Think of it as a bonus Record Store Day that gives you either an early Christmas present or makes certain that your Christmas shopping has that inventive spin. The fun all begins at 7 a.m. Friday Nov. 23, and the list (and much more) can be found on the page at Here for your listening pleasure are a few highlights to look forward to.

The 31st of February
(Craft Recordings)

The Allman Brothers had a mythic run in the early ’70s. However, their roots lie in this North Florida/South Georgia mix of psychedelic rock with a soulful edge. Here’s where the group truly started to gel around Gregg’s soulful howl and Duane’s long slide moan.

‘67 Demos

Psychedelic rock came out of nowhere in 1966. You heard hints and allegations in the Byrds “Eight Miles High” and the Beatles’ “Revolver.” However, those were all ready to take you to a higher plane. A blues trio in San Francisco just walked into KSAN studios and poured forth the real future – grinding, bloozy, gutsy Acid Rock. Their cover of “Summertime Blues” was so scintillating it kept The Who’s equally good cover from charting.

Press The Eject and Give Me The Tape
(Beggars Banquet)

With all the Bauhaus reissues this Fall, they saved this electrifying live set for Black Friday. Fitting. Yes indeed. Listen to the band race through “In The Flat Field” and “Dancing” and then tear apart John Cale’s barbaric “Rosegarden Funeral of Sores.” Then keep playing the best version of the mesmeric “Bela Lugosi’s Dead” again and again and again.

Ella At The Shring

Ten days before her classic live recording at Zardi's in 1956, Ella recorded this session for Norman Granz's Jazz at the Philharmonic series. During just 20 minutes, Ella and the all-star band blaze through standards ("'S Wonderful"), modern favorites ("Cry Me A River") and she showcases her flair for Bebop based scatting. By the time Ella wraps it all up with Gershwin's "I've Got A Crush On You", you even get to hear the announcer let the audience know about her performance next week.

Selections from “Both Directions at Once”
[12” Color LP](Impulse/Verve)

2018 has been a major year for the legendary saxophonist. The discovery and reissue of a lost 1963 session put Trane back in the Billboard Top 20 in sales and renewed interest in his catalog. "A Love Supreme" and his other classics rebounded in sales and the year's other archival prize "The Final Tour" with Miles Davis charted as well. To close the year, Verve has put all the Coltrane sessions of 1963 back in chronological order on this week's 3CD release "1963: New Directions" and pressed two unheard takes ("Untitled Original 11383" and "Impressions") on this limited-edition orange vinyl.

Feelin’ Right Saturday Night:
The Ric & Ron Anthology

Launched in 1959, Ric and its sister label Ron Records captured the best music that was pouring out of New Orleans. Their embrace of local music and more bluesy R&B broke the pair of labels out of the realm of regional success. Ric and Ron quickly recorded Professor Longhair, Irma Thomas, Barbara Lynn, and countless others. From 1958-1962, these were the singles that set New Orleans music apart from the rest.

The Burning of the Midnight Lamp
[MONO 10”](Experience/Legacy)

2018 marks the 50th anniversary of Jimi Hendrix's epic double album "Electric Ladyland." "Ladyland" was largely the product of Hendrix having his own studio and all the time to tinker, jam and work on his music. "Midnight Lamp" was one of the most personal songs as Hendrix took nearly a year to finish writing it. Recorded in 1967, this mix of "Midnight Lamp" was released in Germany. For this special RSD repressing, it is joined by Mono mixes of "Crosstown Traffic" and "Gypsy Eyes" that were previously only released on promo singles.

Some Enchanted Evening
[LP](Friday Music)

Live albums in the Seventies were great collections of the songs you wanted ("(Don't Fear) The Reaper") and lengthy versions of deeper cuts ("Astronomy" is a stand out here.) For the first time ever, the original seven songs of the 1978 release are joined by the nine bonus cuts from the Legacy edition released on CD in 2007. This adds earlier songs ("Harvester of Eyes," "This Ain't The Summer of Love" and the never-before released live version of "Born to Be Wild."

The Vallencourt Fountain 9.19.79

The Groovies were there in San Francisco when the Dead and Psychedelic Rock crawled from the Haight. However, their vision of early Rock n’ Roll was fiercely unheralded. Throughout the Seventies, the Groovies made Rock records that inspired the Stones and singles that would let them tour with the MC5 and the Stooges. Then they moved to London and pulled Power Pop (“Shake Some Action”) out of the skies. Signed to Sire, this concert was ending their historic run of classic Rock for Seymour Stein at Sire. The band steamroll through the classics live on the radio in where else... San Francisco.