Forrest County jail docket

Editor's note: Th following individuals were arrested and charged with misdemeanor or felony crimes and booked into the Forrest County Jail. The report is published in its entirety each Thursday as provided to The PineBelt NEWS from administrators with the Forrest County Jail. No names are omitted from the report once it is received by this newspaper. All suspects are presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.


Terry Glenn Adams, taking possession of motor vehicle;

Stephanie Alford, possession of marijuana (less than 30 grams);

Ned Baker, disorderly conduct, failure to comply w/command of law enforcement;

Terrence Baker, burglary automobile (2 counts), possession of burglary tools, no insurance, speeding;

Jamie Brian Bean, contempt of court;

Russell Craig Bellew, shoplifting misdemeanor <$1000, contempt of court;

Susan M. Benson, receiving stolen property;

Wallace Kim Bolton, receiving stolen property;

Thomas Joseph Bond, possession of controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia;

Brandi Bryant, passing or possessing of contraband

Darrell Rayshon Buckhalter, refusal or inability to submit to chemical test, no drivers license, no insurance;

David Bryan Clark, open beer/container, disorderly conduct;

Seith Coats, domestic violence;

Dantrell Sashun Crosby, DUI first offense, no insurance, poss. Of marijuana, vandalism, domestic violence;

Deric Dontae Daughtry, suspended driver’s license, poss. Of marijuana in motor vehicle;

Barbara Danielle Duggan, substance paraphernalia-use, possession, possession w/intent, shoplifting <$1000;

Derrick Dewayne Francis, custody orders;

Joe Dontrel Gesse, shoplifting misdemeanor <$1,000;

Angel Gillespie, foreign warrant, fugitive holding;

Amahd Edward Handford, burglary automobile (6 counts), providing false information/identification to officer;

William Christian Hansen, cont. substance paraphernalia-use, possession, possession w/intent; weapon possession by convicted fellow; weapon, stolen, possession, sale. etc, first offense, stolen firearm;

Sharon Elizabeth Hatfield, shoplifting misdemeanor, <$1,000;

Johnny Lee Hinton, abusive calls to emergency telephone service;

James Calvin Howard, weapons poss. of weapon by convicted felon;

Terry D. Jackson, trespassing, advised;

Anthony Ray Johnson, eluding law enforcement, expired tag/no tag, resisting arrest;

Kelby Glenn Jordan, no insurance, reckless driving, 1st offense, no driver’s license;

Jamill Omar Lee, DUI third offense;

Joe G. Lewis, public drunkenness;

Charles Keith Lott II, domestic violence-simple; disorderly conduct-disturbance by family;

Jordan Kiefer Lowery, shoplifting misdemeanor >$1,000;

Martinez Josefa Marcelino, DUI, first offense;

Catherine Mardis, burglary of building other than dwell, B/E;

Anthony Scott Massey, possession of controlled substance-meth;

Cruz McCoy, controlled substance, possession of schedule I-II drug (over 10 to 30 grams), cont. substance, enhanced penalty, possession firearm at crime/arrest, weapon, possession by convicted felon;

Torrie McCray, petit larceny

Martha Miranda McDaniel, suspended driver’s license, no insurance;

Tiesha Maria McGrew, drug court violation;

Taji McNair, weapon, stolen possession sale, etc.-first offense-stolen firearm;

Christopher Ronald Morris, probation violation;

Lori Angela Myers, drug court violation;

Jeremy Carl Palmer, possession of controlled substance;

James Pecanty, receiving stolen property;

Chasity Dawn Perry, DUI Child endangerment, DUI: first offense >.08 or.02 for under 21

Kelvin Carnilus Preston, sale of controlled substance; possession w/intent to distribute methamphetamine;

Tedarron Pierre Price, probation violation;

Maeisha Pruitt, simple assault;

Fisher A. Ray, DUI, 1st offense;

Lekeavyontae Jaquandarius Riley, cont. substance, possession of Schedule I-II Drug (.1 gram-less 2 grams)

James Casique Roberts, probation violation;

Jonathan Elmer Robinson, disturbance of the family;

Felicia Marie Rouse, false identifying info;

Sylvia Alyssa Ryals, custody orders;

Livin Santiago, weapon, possession by convicted felon; weapon, stolen, poss., sale, etc.-first offense-stolen firearm;

Cortez Dewayne Sartin, probation violation, simple assault by threat (2 counts);

Phillip Colby Scarbrough, probation violation;

Robert Sims, assault simple by threat, domestic violence, simple assault;

James Dale Slade, suspended driver’s license, expired driver’s license, no insurance, reckless driving, 1st offense, speeding, poss. of marijuana;

Fredrick Eugene Smith, burglary, commercial buildings, cars, etc.;

Eugen Durwood Stanley, suspended driver’s license, poss. of paraphernalia;

Trey Ashton Steele, poss. of marijuana in motor vehicle, failure to give signal, seatbelt violation, simple assault, create fear;

Mackenzie Elise Stuart, cont. substance, paraphernalia, use, possession, possession with intent, shoplifting misdemeanor, $1,000 2nd offense;

Jill Watkins, shoplifting misdemeanor, <$1,000;

Judy Jackson Webber, probation violation;

Timmy R. Woods, disorderly conduct, failure to comply with command of law enforcement; disorderly conduct, interference with business, customers; resisting/obstructing arrest;

Carlis Cortez Young, drunkenness or profanity in public place.

Anquanette La’Shay Alexander, murder.

Matthew Scott Anderson, probation violation, petit larceny.

Dennis James Applewhite, aggravated assault.

Russell Erik Boler, possession of a controlled substance (schedule I-II drug), seatbelt violation.

Brent Anthony Cohran, commercial burglary.

Ulric Crossland, possession of weapon by convicted felon.

Kimberly Leanne Danner, probation violation.

Rachel Danielle Dean, receiving stolen property.

Nikarra Duncan, probation violation, hindering prosecution, possession of marijuana.

Karie Rene Foster, probation violation.

John Juwan Hayes, possession with intent to distribute within 1,000 feet of a school/church.

Jennifer Hollis, probation violation.

Dexter Jordan, conspiracy to commit felony, criminal street gang activity.

Kelby Glenn Jordan, probation violation.

Shaelunda Renae Kirkland, abusing policemen, disorderly conduct (failure to comply), drunkenness of profanity in public place, fugitive (other jurisdiction).

Lonnie R. Lankford, probation violation.

James Mason, possession of marijuana, receiving stolen property (over $500).

Johnathan Morton, foreign warrant (fugitive).

James Moye, probation violation.

Michael Norman, sale of controlled substance (oxy), possession of controlled substance within 1,500 feet of church (oxy), possession of controlled substance (meth), possession of controlled substance within 1,500 of church (marijuana), possession of weapon by convicted felon, trafficking controlled substances, possession of controlled substance.

David Allen Norris, possession of controlled substance.

Danzel Owens, uttering forged instrument.

Tri’Darrius Mar’Tee Strickland, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, criminal street gang activity.

Logan Michael Tarver, shoplifting.

Andreanna L. Todd, conspiracy to commit felony, criminal street gang activity, possession of a controlled substance with intent.

Rico C. Underwood, conspiracy to commit felony, criminal street gang activity.

Johnny Earl Williams, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Dandre Cortez Wilson, probation violation

Cecilia Ainsworth, possession of marijuana, possession of schedule I-II drug.

Darius Balam, disorderly conduct (failure to comply), open beer/container, driving under the influence (2nd offense), no driver’s license, no insurance, failure to yield to blue lights, running a stop sign, simple assault, attempt to cause bodily injury to another.

Hollie Anthony Bennett, driving under the influence (1st offense).

Robert Preston Christian, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, providing false information/identification to officer.

Joseph Dale, disorderly conduct.

Angela Nicole Daniels, contempt of court (failure to make restitution).

Luther Lee Dye, driving under the influence (1st offense).

Claude Daniel Evans, drunkenness or profanity in a public place.

Jamaal Alexander Evans, driving under the influence (1st offense).

Levi R. Fleming, possession of marijuana, switched/altered tag.

James Farrell Gaitanis, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest.

Bartolo Lopez Garcia, driving under the influence (1st offense).

Deareus Gutter, suspended driver’s license.

Andrew Tyler Hornick, disorderly conduct (disturbance of family).

William Stephen Jefferson, domestic violence, malicious mischief.

Jasmine Johnson, disorderly conduct, no driver’s license.

Jermey J. Jones, driving under the influence (1st offense), speeding, no driver’s license, insurance violation.

Bryan Keith Juergensen, false reporting of a crime.

Dominique Lee, speeding, inspection sticker (none/expired), no child restraint, expired tag/no tag.

Terry Lehn, shoplifting misdemeanor.

Tony Katrell Lindsey, driving under the influence (1st offense).

James Edward Martin, disorderly conduct (disturbing the peace), improper equipment, seatbelt violation.

Michael McKay, possession of paraphernalia.

Carronton McNair, no insurance.

Eulus Montgomery, driving under the influence (1st offense), improper equipment, no driver’s license.

Cynthia Mooney, driving under the influence (1st offense).

Tamatha Carol Morrow, suspended driver’s license.

Andrew George Nelson, disorderly conduct.

Terrell J. Parker, simple assault, simple assault by threat.

Kirankant Patle, driving under the influence (1st offense).

Chrystal Amber Pearce, speeding, improper equipment, no insurance.

Jerrica Dianne Perry, driving under the influence (1st offense).

Rico Underwood, possession of a controlled substance (marijuana).

John Watts, contempt of court.

Randy L. Westberry, no driver’s license, seatbelt violation.

Cortez Williams, domestic violence.

Terry Leroy Wright, domestic violence.