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The Hub City’s Thomas Blanton can add a new accomplishment to his list of titles - Hattiesburg businessman/oilman, Mississippi Power foe, former Southern District Mississippi Public Commissioner candidate and now executive producer for a Grammy...

In her role as executive director of the Petal Education Foundation, Leahne Lightsey often has the opportunity to play Santa Claus, as evidenced by the $447,000 in scholarship awards gifted since the organization’s inception in 1987 and the $69...

A dangerous intersection in Sumrall may be getting realigned to make driving through downtown a little safer for motorists.

To alleviate the heavy flow of traffic in the Oak Grove area, the Lamar County Board of Supervisors is applying for money from the Metropolitan Planning organization to fund improvement projects on Oak Grove, Lincoln and Hegwood roads.

Although Ben Burnett has had notions in the past of serving in the Mississippi Legislature, he had never given it real consideration, given that he would have had to suspend his pension as a retired state employee as per regulations from the...

With Petal’s annexation trial finishing out this week in Forrest County Chancery Court, residents and officials will now wait on a judge’s decision whether annexation will be allowed for five areas east of the Leaf River to expand the city’s...

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In the realm of rock crit evaluation there is the eternal question: "Will the little girls understand?" This has long been the line of demarcation between generations of music lovers, and more importantly, that nexus where one's embrace of music outweighs what anyone else has to say about it.

The Long of the Short Story


As innocuous as it may seem, given the impending pressure of technology and the diminishing amount of personal time, the short story may be our best choice of literature. In just about 30 minutes, one short story can provide the necessary time away from screens and offer you the meditation you are searching for.