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Emergency and other local officials are in the process of clearing the scene of a train derailment near the intersection of U.S.
SAN ANTONIO — A man accused of killing a co-worker and disposing his body will appear before a Texas judge on Feb. 5 in hopes of getting his $680,000 bond reduced.
Despite two Hattiesburg City Council members voting to table the proposal of the Project NOLA camera system during Tuesday’s meeting, a second vote – this time a 4-1 approval – set the stage for a
Members of the Holy Cross Orthodox mission gathered on the banks of the Leaf River near Eastabuchie Sunday afternoon to observe the Orthodox Christian Tradition of blessing local bodies of water. 
After nearly seven years of service on the Petal Board of Aldermen – and more than three decades with the United States military – William King took his alderman-at-large seat for the last time at

The Unsung: The Meters


Take a moment – Count rhythmically from 1 to 4. Now count, the same pattern but put an "AND" in the spaces between the numbers. Finally, count that same pattern once more but put the emphasis on any "AND" you like. You now not only understand syncopation but you can harness the endless possibilities of music weaving in and out of the beat.

Happy New Year Hub City


Last week local artist Glenda Grubbs signed copies of her poster, Happy New Year Hub City, at the Hattiesburg Visitors Center. The poster was recently unveiled as the wining entry in this year’s contest to depict Hattiesburg’s annual New Year’s Eve Ball Drop.

Alcohol sales at USM football games garners $100,000


In the summer of 2019, the University of Southern Mississippi decided to allow the sale of alcoholic beverages at football games and other sporting events.

To be clear: Only beer and wine are being served to people under the auspices of the USM banner, at the university’s games. Liquor is a different issue altogether.