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A longtime local police officer has been hired to lead the Hattiesburg Public School District's school resource department.
The University of Southern Mississippi Police Department is directing faculty, staff and students to disregard a flyer circulating throughout the Hattiesburg campus containing false information ab
At the intersection of Main and Front Streets is where you’ll want to be come New Year’s Eve.
Hattiesburg is on the receiving end of $1.15 million in grant money from the Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas that will fund 116 rental units in the city, part of $16.3 million in Affordable Housi

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Maybe I have an Etsy page. Maybe I don't.  That's between me, Arthur if he exists, and my two followers whose names are Jansy Whipsicle and Pork Bulgogi Martinez.

Etsy is a website (and accompanying app) that has created a name for itself as “the place to go” for out of the way sorts of gifts.