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The Downtown Hattiesburg Association, in partnership with the Hattiesburg Historic Neighborhood Association, will celebrate the holiday season with the Downtown Candlelit Christmas on Saturday, De
In December 1989, two Petal families approached Demaris Lee and Jessie Rowell for help with providing their children with Christmas presents and food, as funds in the families were scarce that yea
Several years ago, residents from the Parkhaven neighborhood in Hattiesburg requested for a portion of Camp Street to be transitioned to a one-way street.
A veteran education finance administrator with more than 20 years of experience officially stepped into her new role as chief financial officer for the Hattiesburg Public School District, as annou

Thanksgiving memories afloat


While I make no claim to being a prophet, a seer,  a soothsayer, or even flat-out smart, I can predict with utmost confidence what will be on the minds of the approximately 70,000 men and women of the Navy and Marine Corps who will be at sea or in port overseas on Thanksgiving Day: food and home.

Willie & Townes: In which Mr. Nelson schools the columnist


One of my favorite aspects of journalism is getting to meet interesting people. That does not mean, of course, that every interview is interesting.

I’m not certain whether it’s a bragging point, or if I deserve demerits, but I once fell asleep while interviewing then-U.S. Senator Bill Frist, of Tennessee.

Don’t sweat the small stuff


Do you feel stressed over work, finances, health, or the state of our country?

I easily get worked up over traffic in Hattiesburg or some tweet that appears on my iPhone.

When my home WiFi is insufficient or out of order, my family suddenly becomes a discombobulated and irritated bunch, snarky and sour to each other.