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A candidate for the post of Forrest County Sheriff who suspended his campaign about two weeks ago has reversed his decision and announced he will continue to actively campaign at least until the...

Now that she is within striking distance of wrapping up a 500-day songwriting project in which she literally wrote and recorded a song a day for 70+ weeks,  Memphis native and Season 4 alum of...

Isabella Wilson likes math, but she’s also pretty good at art.

When Yolanda Ni, an eighth-grader at Oak Grove Middle School, recently spelled the word “apothecary” to win the 2019 Mississippi Spelling Bee in Jackson, her thoughts immediately turned to her...

According to numbers from the Mississippi Department of Transportation, the exit ramp from Interstate 59 to the Evelyn Gandy Parkway sees approximately 5,800 vehicles per day, while the opposite...

Members of the Hattiesburg City Council voted 5-0 Tuesday to fund the creation of six new part-time firefighter positions in hopes of alleviating mounting overtime expenses in the Hattiesburg...

Letter to the Editor: Small biz owner speaks out about tax incentives


Dear Editor:

Speaking as a very small business  rooted in our community for the past 35 years I can say that seldom does the 'little boy' get bigger, we just take what comes our way and try to get smarter.  But that does not mean that our contributions to the local economy are insignificant.

CONVERTIBLE CRAZY: Confessions of a bonafide out-of-control car fantatic


Next Saturday is Homecoming at William Carey University. As I have for several years, I will supply four convertibles for the campus parade. Since I own a total of 14 convertibles, I could actually provide the entire parade around the campus.

I’m not bragging; I’m really ashamed, and I know that I need an intervention. 

WEDDING THROWS: St. John: This column is the beginning of movement to bring back rice to be used in the pelting of departing newlyweds


I was the best man at my best friend’s wedding last weekend. It was a great event, and everyone who knows the bride and groom are extremely happy for both of them— chief among them, me.