Camp Street to transition to one-way


Several years ago, residents from the Parkhaven neighborhood in Hattiesburg requested for a portion of Camp Street to be transitioned to a one-way street.

That request will be granted Monday, when the street’s one-way status will take effect on the portion of Camp Street that runs from South 19th Avenue to U.S. 49.

“When Forrest General Hospital, Forrest County and the City of Hattiesburg announced plans to realign Arlington Loop and change locations of Highway 49 traffic signals around the hospital, then-city engineer Bert Kuyrkendall hosted a series of charrettes in 2013 with the Parkhaven neighborhood,” Mayor Toby Barker said.

“In that series of meetings, neighborhood stakeholders were invited to offer ideas on how to mitigate the impact of those traffic changes on the east side of Highway 49. The principle ask was to limit the amount of new traffic coming to Camp Street by turning the roadway into a one-way street for westbound vehicular traffic only.”

The new designation will allow for only westward vehicular travel on that stretch of road, while the other half of the street will be divided off for pedestrian and bike use. The project will coincide with the traffic signal at U.S. 49 and Mamie Street being relocated to U.S. 49 and Camp Street.

Because of the one-way project, the paving that is taking place throughout the rest of the Parkhaven neighborhood as part of the city’s water/sewer improvement plan will be delayed somewhat on Camp Street. When completed, however, the pedestrian/bike pathway will run from Kamper Park all the way to midtown Hattiesburg.

“We look forward to the long-term benefit of this project – and future projects that will follow it – to all neighborhoods in the Avenues, the Hattiesburg Zoo, Kamper Park, Forrest General Hospital, Southern Miss, Hattiesburg Clinic and the District at Midtown,” Barker said. “Creating connectivity will greatly enhance quality of life and make our neighborhoods more competitive for homeowners and residents.

“This is a testament to a city listening to its residents and staying committed to a project even when there is transition among administrations, City Council members and staff.”