Supervisors request funds to help alleviate Oak Grove traffic


To alleviate the heavy flow of traffic in the Oak Grove area, the Lamar County Board of Supervisors is applying for money from the Metropolitan Planning organization to fund improvement projects on Oak Grove, Lincoln and Hegwood roads.

The first project would entail adding turn lanes at the intersection of Oak Grove and Hegwood, as well as realigning those two roads to form a 90-degree intersection.

“That would prevent the possibility of some rear-end collisions, and make it more efficient to get into and out of that particular intersection,” Lamar County Engineer Don Walker said. 

The second project would improve the turn lanes at the intersection of Oak Grove Road and Lincoln, in particular at the southwest corner of the intersection.

“What we’re seeing there is the back-up of traffic on Oak Grove Road because there’s inadequate right-turn lanes,” Walker said. “So we would propose extending those right turn lanes to help the through traffic movement at those intersections.

“There’s funding available, and I think we ought to apply for it. Both of those intersections are within the urbanized area, and they are appropriate to apply for.”

Officials don’t yet know how much money will be requested for the projects.

“(Walker) is working on firming up those numbers,” Lamar County Administrator Jody Waits said.