Keep Calm! It’s time for Pine Belt residents to rely on one another – from a safe distance


Pine Belt residents are no strangers to natural tragedies. Less than a decade after Hurricane Katrina brought life as we know it to a standstill,  twin tornadoes in 2013 and 2017 tested our moxie once again as they tore a path of destruction across Forrest and Lamar counties and forever changed the physical landscape of our region.

For Facebook, it’s a case of see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil all the way to the bank


Professional journalism is struggling, giving way to fake news. This is bad for the country. One bad clause in the Communications Act of 1996 is the cause. In Section 230, the U.S. Congress exempted Google, Facebook and other Internet platforms from our libel laws.

Federal judges should consider alternative sentencing for pain cream fraud defendants


Before Chris Epps got exposed for being a crook, the former Mississippi corrections commissioner made a lot of sense when he talked about finding the right balance between the crimes committed and the punishments doled out for them.

“We’ve got to decide in this state who we’re afraid of and who we’re mad at,” Epps was fond of saying.