Race: Tough discussions often help us realize that we’re much more alike than we are different


Race. It's an uncomfortable topic for a lot of people. But, I ask, why should it be? When I make a post on Facebook involving the subject of race, some people seem to steer clear of the discussion.

Race is often one of those third-rail issues, where people fear saying the wrong thing. Not me. 

Information Overload: Before Google, we had to rely on the World Book and my uncanny knack of remembering random facts and figures


Days long ago, before the Internet, "Googling" a subject meant looking it up in my family's World Book Encyclopedia. (Oh, how I loved those white-clad volumes.)

My siblings used them most often when researching a school book report. I did, too. 

Enough: Where should line be drawn between free speech and political correctness?


I have always thought of myself as an analytical and, okay, opinionated person.  Some folks may not analyze every little event in their lives, the way I do. 

But when it comes to opinions, from race to religion, from the sexes to politics, our personal beliefs and opinions are pretty much set.  (Especially at my age.)