Enough: Where should line be drawn between free speech and political correctness?


I have always thought of myself as an analytical and, okay, opinionated person.  Some folks may not analyze every little event in their lives, the way I do. 

But when it comes to opinions, from race to religion, from the sexes to politics, our personal beliefs and opinions are pretty much set.  (Especially at my age.) 

Reality Check: Who’s really applying for all of those newly-available jobs at the poultry plants?


When I was a kid, there were very few residents of Hispanic origin here in Hattiesburg. We were a city of, basically, blacks and whites. I had a couple of Asian-American classmates at Hattiesburg's Blair High School, but all in all, ours was not much of an international city. Boy, has that ever changed. 

Why? Another day, another shooting. When is enough truly enough?


By the time this column runs, it will have been nearly two weeks since the tragic mass shootings in the cities of El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio.

Twenty-two people in El Paso were taken from this earth, and from their families. Barely 13 hours later, in a separate incident, another nine people were murdered in Dayton.