Harris to attend US Senate Youth Program’s Washington Week


If Oak Grove High School Student Body President Noah Harris had his choice, he would rather see politicians favor the person over the party. In fact, he would rather see no political parties at all.

“I’m an Independent,” he said earlier this week. “Really about half the country is an Independent right now.

Shooting spree: nine arrested, two hospitalized


An apparent confrontation between two street gangs in Hattiesburg led to the shooting spree Monday at 1810 Country Club Road that eventually brought nine arrests in the aggravated assaults and three injured people.

Of the nine people arrested, ages range from 16 to 41 years old and included a Hattiesburg High School quarterback.


The Hattiesburg Post:

Monday, Dec. 4

• 11:31 a.m., 6140 U.S. Hwy. 98, Papitos Mexican Grill & Restaurant,... READ MORE